All You Need to Know About Bystronic parts, spare parts and machine maintenance


When you need parts or spare parts for Bystronic laser cutting or bending systems to run in perfect condition, then you should definitely come to us at Alternative Parts Inc. We guarantee that the parts and the spare parts will be absolutely reliable and the best to maintain and maximise your output. We offer Bystronic Laser Consumables like nozzles, optics, focus lenses, fans, and a complete line of laser consumables. Moreover, if you come to us you will get durable, effective and inexpensive products at a very competent and reasonable rate. Definitely shop for your Bystronic parts and spare parts from us at Alternative Parts Inc. 

We Are There to Support You Always

As we supply the original Bystronic parts, spare parts and consumables, it ensures that your system’s worth is conserved and its operational life is extended. We can cite the example of the high-grade nozzles here as they are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and are best for your cutting process and in reducing the reworking of the system. We make the selection very carefully and test each one through our experts. It is they who are behind the delivery of the parts and spare parts in their best quality condition.       

The Many Benefits of Purchasing Authentic Bystronic Parts and Spare Parts from Us

Saving the Rework Time

  • If you want to unleash the full potential of your laser cutting and bending systems, then go for our high-grade Bystronic parts and spare parts from Alternative Parts Inc. A substantial number of our customers have already understood this fact and trust us completely for their Bystronic parts and Bystronic spare parts.
  • Consistency and excellence in performance are very important in the industrial manufacturing sector. So, the use of the best quality parts and spare parts is absolutely necessary. This is also applicable in the laser cutting and bending of sheet metal products. As a result, the metal processing and supplying industry is also in constant lookout for the best parts and spare parts. That is exactly why you should come to us at Alternative Parts Inc. for authentic Bystronic parts and Bystronic spare parts.
  • The longevity and quality of the parts and spare parts are a must for precise and perfect action of your cutting and bending systems. And it is precisely these two qualities that the Bystronic parts and spare parts purchased from us demonstrate. 

Consistent High Quality

Alternative Parts Inc. maintains the best quality standards as we are the certified suppliers of Bystronic parts and spare parts.

Engineering Par Excellence 

We engineer the best Bystronic parts and spare parts because we value our customers’ valuable feedback and suggestions very dearly. This helps us to improve and upgrade our parts and spare parts that match perfectly with the needs of our customers. 

Extended Service Life and Excellent Machine Uptime

As we rigorously check the manufacturing process of the Bystronic parts and Bystronic spare parts which guarantees extended service life even when the parts face extreme operating conditions. As a result, the downtime of the machine is reduced considerably, which in turn eliminates the maintenance and breakdowns of your systems, saving time and extra expenses.  

Quick Shipping and a Wide Choice of Products

Alternative Parts Inc. offers a wide selection of Bystronic parts and spare parts for your machine systems, both old and new. You can order the parts and spare parts straight from us and we guarantee that it is delivered to you in the shortest possible time.   

We Guarantee Long-Lasting Performance Even Under Extreme Conditions

It is for this reason that Alternative Parts Inc. guarantees its clients the authentic and best quality parts and spare parts. Our customers’ choice of Bystronic parts and spare parts is solely due to its unparalleled quality and longer service life. And this claim of ours matches every time we provide parts and spare parts. Utilise our World Class Service and install our company’s Bystronic parts and spare parts in your sheet metal working machine. Our parts and spare parts are also OEM-approved which ensures a longer life span of these.   

Here are some of the suggestions that you should follow to extend the lifespan of your systems after you purchase the Bystronic parts and spare parts from us. 

Some Suggestions to Enhance the Lifespan of Your Laser Cutting and Bending Systems

Some tips for maintaining your machine system:

Daily Inspection and Maintenance

  • You should check the working and cutting gas pressure of the laser and immediately replace the gas if the pressure is not up to the mark. 
  • Check the x, y and z-axis zero point, the readiness status, and the indicator life.
  • Check the mounting screws of the x, y and z axis zero points, whether the limit switch of each axis is responsive or not and tighten the mounting blocks. 
  • Check the water level of the chiller and if not, refill it immediately.

Maintain Regularity in Machine Maintenance 

  • Clean the debris from the air outlet to maintain perfect ventilation in the machine.

  • Check the filters from time to time clean any water and remove any debris.

  • Check the screws of the travel and bumper switch brackets regularly and tighten them immediately.
  • The ventilation fan of the electric control cabinet of the filter screen should be clean of any dust to ensure the safe dissipation of heat from the internal heating components.    

Maintenance Of the Regulated Power Supply

  • The main power supply of the new regulated power supply should be turned off after one month of use. Then, all the connection terminals should be tightened in the regulator and special care should be taken for the main circuit.
  • The elasticity of the sliding carbon brush should be checked every three months. It should be cleaned off any toner or dust from the surface of the regulator.

Maintenance Of the Air Dryer

Every day, the refrigeration dryer should be drained three to eight times to clear off any air and water after work.

Rules For Maintaining the Spare Parts 

  • Proper planning, inventory control, and lead times are certain issues that you should give serious consideration if you want to maintain a perfect spare parts management system. Let’s elaborate on them a bit.

  • You should be fully prepared for any kind of sudden crisis. This means you should foresee problems before they arise. You should take the help of predictive management to manage the stock of spare parts. This will lessen your costs linked to fixing issues, cutting time and making better use of your resources in times of crisis.

  • You should manage the inventory of the spare parts in a very systematic way. Categorise the spare parts according to their priorities of use and label them as critical and noncritical. High priority should be given to one set of spare parts depending on what impact it would bring if it suddenly starts malfunctioning on the overall performance of the machine.     

  • Regularly check your spare parts inventory and keep an excess stock so that they come in handy in times of sudden mishap. 

  • Store and organise the parts appropriately, which will provide proper control over your stock of spare parts.